Tis the season, as we say. The season for holiday parties and guests. Most families take time to come together at some point during the holiday season. For those of us lucky enough to be the designated host, The Cleaning Ladies created our list of 7 tips to get your home holiday ready.

As you welcome holiday guests into your home, there is no better feeling than knowing your home is fully prepared and ready to properly represent its host. Following these tips will make sure all your bases are covered and nothing has been overlooked. We chose these 7 tips to make sure your home is ready for the holiday season.

  • Deep Clean Your Home
  • Decorate Your High Traffic Areas
  • Declutter Common Areas
  • Clean Out Your Fridge
  • Make Space in Your Pantry
  • Tidy Up Your Bathrooms
  • Clean Guest Rooms

These 7 tips will make sure your home is holiday-ready.

Deep Clean Your Home

Deep cleaning your home should be on your semi-regular cleaning list, but it is especially important when holiday hosting. Taking the extra time to focus on the smaller details can make all the difference. We have created a separate list of residential deep-cleaning tips to help you.

Decorate Your High Traffic Area

Holiday decorations are a great way to instantly get your home holiday-ready. Taking the time to place decorations in high-traffic areas creates a festive environment. A properly decorated home enhances the atmosphere of any holiday celebration and can lead to more memorable experiences.

Holiday decorations are unique to every household and can directly represent you. Placing decorations in high-traffic areas can be a direct reflection of your personality. Mix in your favourite holiday decorations to add your own spice to the season.

Declutter Common Areas

When expecting holiday guests, it is important to declutter spaces in common areas. Cleaning off countertops and tables makes sure your holiday guests have space to place dishes or presents. If you are expecting children or pets, take the time to remove breakables, including fragile glass ornaments, from low-reaching places to prevent any accidents from occurring during holiday festivities.

You should declutter your primary living areas, kitchen and dining area first as these will be the highest traffic. Your bathrooms and guest rooms should be considered. Clean with the intent of making your home practical and comfortable for guests.

Clean Out Your Fridge

Nothing is more iconic than a holiday feast when thinking about holiday parties. Cleaning out your fridge in preparation for storing leftovers and preparing items in advance is vital to make sure you will have space to store everything. Take the time to remove any unnecessary items. Cleaning out your fridge should be a regular item on your deep cleaning checklist, but it is especially important when preparing for the holiday season.

Make Space in Your Pantry

Much like cleaning out your fridge, making space in your pantry is important for storing items needed to create your ideal holiday feast. Removing any old or worn storage containers, unused kitchen items and expired forgotten food items is a quick way to free up your pantries.

Tidy Up Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to preparing for holiday guests. Making sure your bathrooms are fully equipped and fresh can make a major impact on your guests’ experiences. Checking on the stock of toilet paper, washing towels and freshly cleaning your bathroom is vital to your holiday-ready checklist.

Clean Guest Rooms

Some guests will make long trips to holiday gatherings. Having clean guest rooms for them to rest in is a great way to spread the holiday spirit. Guest rooms often gather dust and do not have much traffic so forgetting to clean them is not uncommon. Placing decorative pillows and fresh linens can make all the difference in your guest’s experience.

We hope these ideas can help you have a safe and happy holiday season. For any cleaning needs, feel free to contact us to see how we can best serve you.

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