Terms of Service


Terms of Service

  • The pricing provided is an estimate only. If the home or office space is not in the condition as at the walk through or what described, then additional fees may be applied to allow the cleaning techs more time to complete the job.
  • The Cleaning Ladies requires a credit card on file prior to booking.
  • A 50% Deposit is required for the first-time cleaning prior to booking to hold a spot on the schedule.
  • The Cleaning Ladies reserves the right to process payment on the credit card on file when invoices are more than 24 hours past due. Payment for all cleaning services is due on the day of each cleaning.
  • The Cleaning Ladies guarantees 100% satisfaction on our top to bottom, deep clean and moving clean services. If you are unsatisfied, we will return to fix any areas of concern. Client MUST reach out within 48 hours of the cleaning for guarantee to be honored. We do not offer refunds or discounts.
  • If client “opts out” of an Initial Deep Cleaning a $65 charge will be applied to the first recurring visit to give our technicians more time for the cleaning.
  • When client “opts out” of an initial Deep Cleaning it may take several visits to remove dust and/or build up, no guarantee is given on the first recurring cleaning when client has opted out of the initial Deep Cleaning.
  • Depending on the levels of dust in a home, whether ducts have been cleaned and furnace filter changed regularly, the dust may not all be removed as dust once disturbed will become airborne and resettle on surfaces.
  • Clients must provide a 2-step ladder to reach light fixtures, corners, ceiling fans that are high. Anything that can not be reached with the 2-step ladder and/or extendable duster will not be cleaned.
  • When high dusting The Cleaning Ladies does not clean popcorn ceilings or walls.
  • The Cleaning Ladies do not hand wipe or clean blinds, they will be lightly dusted with a microfiber duster or cloth.
  • California Shutters will be hand wiped on initial cleans and spot wiped only on recurring maintenance cleans.
  • The Cleaning Ladies reserves the right to not touch or clean any items such as blinds or shelves etc. that are broken, damaged or not secure to avoid further damage or potential injury to our cleaning technicians. Any item damaged due to being loose or unsecure is the sole responsibility of the client.
  • Heavy build up, hard water or lime scale in tubs and showers will not be removed in one visit and may take several visits to remove. We may be unable to remove some stains.
  • We do not guarantee that build up on grout will be completely removed as grout may need to be steamed and resealed.
  • When cleaning baseboards and windowsills we may not be able to remove all buildup, particularly if we notice paint coming off when scrubbing.
  • The Cleaning Ladies do not scrub or deep clean grout in floor tiles, the floors are mopped only. If there is heavy build up in the grout it will affect the results of the floors being mopped as that dirt will continue to be pushed around on the floor. If this is the case, The Cleaning Ladies recommends that the grout be steam cleaned and resealed by a professional. The floors will not pass a white glove/paper towel test due to these reasons.
  • The Cleaning Ladies expect all our clients to treat our cleaning technicians with kindness and respect. Aggressive, threatening, or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated. We also require that the cleaning techs are given the room to complete their clean, we ask all our clients to respect social distancing.
  • We kindly request that our valued clients refrain from smoking inside their homes while our cleaning technicians are present. This policy is in place to ensure the safety and well-being of both our employees and our customers. Smoking can trigger allergies, compromise air quality, leave lingering odors on the cleaning technicians clothing, and pose potential health risks. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for all parties involved.
  • Our Cleaning Technicians are not required to clean or remove human or pet feces, blood, or vomit and these are to be removed prior to your cleaning appointment.
  • Aggressive pets must be put away in a crate or removed from the home when cleaning is performed.
  • The Cleaning Ladies reserves the right to refuse to perform a cleaning when there is evidence of pest infestations such as but not limited to cockroaches, rats etc.
  • Cleaning technicians may take non-identifying photos in the home (tubs, toilets, sinks etc.) for before and after photos.
  • The Cleaning Ladies may assign a Quality Control Supervisor to inspect the cleaning of your home on any given day. We try to but do not guarantee to provide an inspection of all Initial, Deep and Move in and out Cleans. Inspections are scheduled on a random basis for all recurring cleans.
  • The Cleaning Ladies requires clients to keep a safe distance with our cleaning technicians as there are many flus, viruses. Ideally clients should remain on a separate floor or room for our employees.
  • The Cleaning Ladies requires clients to allow our cleaning technicians to perform their cleaning duties with the methods they have been trained and if clients are checking the work to wait until the entire floor of the home has been completed.
  • The Cleaning Ladies does not keep or store residential clients’ keys. Clients must provide a lockbox and/or door or garage code. If key is hidden but not secured The Cleaning Ladies are not responsible for anyone entering the home with said key.

Cancellation Policy:

  • When cleans are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice or if a cleaning tech arrives to a clean and is not able to enter the home, 50% of the cleaning price will be invoiced and charged.
  • When a clean is skipped (with more than 24 hours notice), an additional fee will be added to your next cleaning to allow the cleaning technician a bit more time to ensure the quality of your clean is not affected. For weekly cleans the charge will be $15, for biweekly the charge will be $30 and for every 4 weeks the charge will be $50.

Cancellation Policy – Cleaning Specials

  • If the Cleaning Special clean is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice the deposit will be retained. Rebooking will be at The Cleaning Ladies discretion.

By accepting the estimates provided either electronically, verbally or written via email you agree to the terms and conditions and cancellation policy above.

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