As spring cleaning gets underway, one of the more challenging outdoor spring cleaning tasks to tackle is cleaning windows to perfection. Streaks and stubborn grime can be a frustrating annoyance, but with a few easy-to-follow tricks, you can avoid the headache. The Cleaning Ladies provides five helpful tips for streak-free window cleaning.

  1. Brush Off Windows
  2. Apply a Little Extra Cleaning Solution
  3. Choosing the Right Wipe
  4. Wipe Each Side in Different Directions
  5. Clean on Cooler Days

Discover how to achieve spotless and shiny windows with these 5 useful tips. Not only will clean windows enhance your home’s energy efficiency but they can also prevent harm and promote better indoor air quality. Continue reading to uncover effective techniques for effortless window cleaning.

Best At-Home Window Cleaners

Prior to delving into our window cleaning tips, it’s essential to take a moment to explore the possible options for effective window cleaning solutions. Apart from the widely utilized commercial brands, there are several excellent alternatives, including homemade cleaning solutions. These solutions offer the dual benefit of saving money as well as minimizing the use of harsh chemicals during cleaning.

Dish Soap– In every household, there is a readily available bottle of dish soap in the kitchen. Were you aware that you can utilize it as a do-it-yourself solution for cleaning windows? Simply combine the dish soap with warm water and see the remarkable results. This cleaning agent is particularly effective in tackling the grime on exterior windows.

White Vinegar– Vinegar’s high acidity level makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer more natural cleaning solutions. To achieve a streak-free finish on your windows without breaking the bank or using numerous chemicals, simply mix half a cup of white vinegar with two cups of water in a spray bottle, shake it up, and apply.

Try out these various alternatives to determine the one that suits your home preferences the most.

Tips for Streak-Free Window Cleaning

1. Brush Off Windows

Prior to starting the process of cleaning the window, it is essential to carry out a few pre-cleaning steps. These preparatory measures will aid in avoiding unnecessary stress and smudges in the course of cleaning. Begin your task by eliminating as much dirt as possible using a dry cloth, brush, or vacuum before using your selected cleaning agent. In case dirt remains on the window after the application of the cleaner, it can leave streaks and smears that will require additional effort to wipe away. This is particularly important when washing the exterior windows since they often accumulate dust and dirt.

2. Apply a Little Extra Cleaning Solution

While it is true that in certain circumstances, less can be more, when it comes to window cleaning, this is not the case. One must apply a sufficient amount of cleaning solution, followed by an additional spray. Glass surfaces are non-porous, so there is no need to worry about over-saturation. However, ensure that you have enough wipes readily available to eliminate any excess cleaner. By using more than the necessary amount of window cleaning solution, you can save time by avoiding the need to constantly apply and wipe to eliminate dirt and grime.

3. Choose the Right Wipe

The most difficult aspect of cleaning windows is wiping them down. To avoid ugly streaks, it is important to choose the appropriate wipes. For window cleaning, we suggest using three primary types of wipes.

  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper

The gentle texture of microfiber cloths ensures an even and streak-free surface. Additionally, these soft cloths come with multiple advantages. One key distinguishing factor between paper towels and newspapers is their reusability. After cleaning your windows with microfiber cloths, you can easily wash and reuse them for future cleaning tasks. For individuals interested in eco-friendly cleaning options, any reusable item is highly valued.

Using paper towels to clean windows has its advantages and disadvantages. Although they are a common and absorbent option found in most households, they can also be expensive if used frequently. Additionally, different brands may vary in quality. Therefore, it is important to choose a durable and absorbent brand that can effectively clean windows with extra cleaning solution.

Newspaper remains a traditional method of cleaning windows that is still just as efficient today. Its absorbent paper material is great for removing moisture without the risk of ink staining the glass surface. If you have spare newspapers lying around, consider using them for your next window cleaning task.

Any of these wipes is highly recommended for sparkling streak-free window cleaning.

4. Wipe Each Side in Different Directions

For those cleaning their homes, here’s a helpful hint: wipe the window panes on each side in opposite directions while cleaning. By wiping one side horizontally and the other side vertically, you can easily detect any streaks on the window after cleaning. This simple trick can save a significant amount of time in searching for those annoying marks on your lovely windows. Without knowing which side requires additional cleaning, you may end up in a never-ending cycle of striving for pristine windows.

5. Clean on Cooler Days

The timing of your window cleaning project is often overlooked, but it can greatly affect the outcome. If you want optimal results, it’s advisable to clean your windows in the morning during spring or fall. Temperature is a crucial factor that can impede your efforts to achieve a spotless clean. When it’s hot, the cleaning solution and leftover water dry faster on your windows, leaving behind unsightly water spots that you may not have had enough time to wipe away.

If ideal weather is not an option for your window cleaning project there are some changes you can make to ease the effort required.

“In warm weather, you’ll get a little more working time by using cool water. If you’ve procrastinated so long that you’re washing windows in below-freezing temps, add windshield washing solution until the water doesn’t freeze on the glass.” Family Handyman

The Cleaning Ladies 7-Step Streak-Free Window Cleaning Process

Having knowledge about the 5 tips for streak-free window cleaning, let’s now discuss the perfect procedure to obtain a shimmering outcome.

  1. Prepare your windows beforehand by using a dry brush or vacuum to eliminate any excess dust and dirt.
  2. Take off and wash window screens and curtains.
  3. Apply a considerable amount of your chosen window cleaning solution.
  4. Wipe the entire surface of your window from top to bottom either horizontally or vertically, alternating each side.
  5. Clean the window frame and wipe away any spilled cleaning product.
  6. Inspect the window for any stubborn grime or streaks on the surface, repeat steps 3 and 4 if necessary.
  7. Replace window screens and rehang curtains.

Follow this uncomplicated process while considering our recommendations for achieving spotless and sparkling windows.

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