Spring is in the air! Time to come out of hibernation and return to outdoor activities we all enjoy. Before we get into the full swing of our activities, it is important to clean our homes inside and out. Clean outdoor areas of your home will prepare it for any fun activities you have planned.

The Cleaning Ladies have been helping clients enjoy fresh and clean homes. Through our experience, we have collected knowledge on what to look for when performing your outdoor spring cleaning. Springtime chores are about more than planting flowers in your garden beds and pulling out stored patio furniture and those grills.

Our Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist for your home includes:

  1. Inspect Walls, Driveways and Walkways
  2. Wash Your Home’s Exterior
  3. Sweep and Wash Patios
  4. Wash Your Windows
  5. Touch up paint
  6. Clean out Rain Gutters and Downspouts
  7. Wash Patio Furniture
  8. Clean and Place Fabric Decorations
  9. Clean Light Fixtures and Replace Light Bulbs
  10. Clean and Maintain Grill

Many homeowners can be overwhelmed and not sure where to start with cleaning outside. We hope that you will use these outdoor spring cleaning tips this Spring!

Inspect Walls, Driveways and Walkways

The cold season can take a toll on various parts of our residences. Doing a walkthrough of the exterior of your home each Spring is important as you need to know if there has been any damage during the Winter months. Check for any indications of splits or harm in the framework to guarantee the concrete areas’ safety and durability. Though the effects might seem minimal currently, failing to address structural issues could lead to significant and expensive renovations in the future.

Wash Your Home’s Exterior

When was the last time the exterior of your home aka siding, brick, etc. was washed? Washing the exterior important? Glad you asked!

Stop mold from growing and making their way indoors by pressure washing your home exterior. Removing the buildup of mold and mildew outside can go a long way towards preventing sickness in your home. Aside from mold, pressure cleaning also gets rid of allergens. source: Pressure Washing Experts

Regularly using a pressure washer on your home’s exterior, walkways, patios, steps, and sidewalks can effectively remove slippery and potentially hazardous weed and algae clusters. Taking this measure can help ensure the safety of the walking areas around your home by getting rid of any buildup that can cause damage to your home.

Home improvement stores such as Home Depot allow you to rent equipment like power washers!

Sweep and Wash Patios

At the beginning of the season when the weather turns warm, it is recommended to power wash your patio in order to eliminate any dirt or growth of mildew and it helps to start the process of removing weeds. This will leave your patio looking refreshingly new. A yearly power wash at the onset of Spring is the best way to ensure your patio remains clean and well-maintained throughout the summer months.

If you have leaves and garbage that accumulated on the patio, start by clearing that away.

Wash Your Windows

Although window cleaning can be a regular weekly chore in most households, people often neglect to clean the outside of their exterior windows. It’s important to devote some extra attention to cleaning the outer part of your windows and doors to eliminate any marks or dirt that may have accumulated during the winter season.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to do this spring:

  1. To begin, open your windows and remove the screens. Proceed to wash them with soapy water. Alternatively, if the screens have been in storage during the winter, clean them before replacing them.
  2. Next, clean both sides of the window glass. You can use a glass cleaner or a mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Use a rag to spread the cleaner and a microfiber cloth or a squeegee to dry and remove any streaks or lint.
  3. Make sure to vacuum the window tracks using a detail brush or a paper towel tube attachment. Clean the sills and frames by wiping them down. Additionally, dust the window blinds and curtain hardware.
  4. Lastly, either vacuum or machine-wash the window coverings, following the label’s instructions. 

Touch Up Paint

Once we are done cleaning our windows, doors, patios and the exterior of our home, it’s time to check them for signs of paint damage. Normally, paint acts as a shield for wooden structures against external factors that can cause harm. By inspecting and fixing any spots where the paint has peeled, we can ensure that our home and patios stay secure from environmental damage and are ready for use for many years to come. 

Clean Out Rain Gutters and Downspouts

Channelling water away from our houses, gutters and downspouts prevents harm to our foundation. To ensure optimal efficiency, scrub away any buildup, dead leaves and debris from gutters. Make sure to examine your house’s foundation for water damage, and inspect downspouts for any harm or cracks.

Wash Patio Furniture

Did you know that cleaning patio furniture with warm water lessens the wear and tear on it? You’ll need warm water to penetrate through grease and grime. Boiling water is also a no-go—it can damage and discolor wood, wicker, and outdoor fabrics.

Remove any slight rust on your wrought iron furniture by vigorously scrubbing with sandpaper, a wire brush, or steel wool. Begin with a rougher tool, then finish with a fine-grit sandpaper for a sleek and tidy result. To prevent further rust and lubricate joints, apply a rust inhibitor such as WD-40. Make sure to closely inspect the furniture joints, where rust is prone to appear. 

Clean and Place Outdoor Decor

We all want to spend time outside during the warmer months and enjoy ourselves. Revamping the outdoor space of your home each season can prove to be a daunting task. Adding new fabric cushions or if the covers can be changed, getting new colours for your current cushions is a simple solution. Do you have outdoor decor that uses batteries? Check the condition of them in case there is damage and replace the batteries with new ones. 

Replace Outdoor Light Bulbs and Clean Fixtures

Outdoor lighting fixtures may not catch your attention until they malfunction when you need them the most. To ensure that your lights are always operational and accessible, it is wise to incorporate this task into your outdoor spring cleaning schedule. While examining the bulbs for efficiency, make sure to clean any ornamental outdoor fixtures and glass covers. 

Clean and Maintain Grill

Many families enjoy the activity of outdoor grilling. It is important to keep your grill clean and well-maintained to ensure it is ready for all the delicious burgers and steaks your family craves. Take the time to clean both the outside and inside of your grill, and inspect for any damage or rust that may have occurred during the winter. 

Ensure that the grill surface is completely sanitized and ready for any type of food your household may have a craving for. It’s crucial to inspect for any harm to guarantee your family’s safety. A defective grill may lead to severe harm or destruction of belongings. Get rid of the propane tanks in anticipation of the approaching year. While doing so, scrutinize the gas lines for any splits or defects that may cause mishaps. Substitute any faulty components or repair any damages without delay before utilizing your outdoor grill.

The Cleaning Ladies hope this outdoor spring cleaning checklist for your home helps you prepare for the spring season. 

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