Fall has come. As we take the time to enjoy the cooler temperatures, autumn foliage and anticipation for the holiday season. There are a couple of things every homeowner should add to their outdoor fall cleaning checklist to protect their home and outdoor equipment. Colder months can wreak havoc on your outdoor furniture, patio and utility bills. Following the checklist of outdoor tasks we have prepared, you can make sure you are thoroughly insulated and protected from the cold season.

The Cleaning Ladies Outdoor Fall Cleaning Checklist was created to save you money on possible repairs and utility costs.

  • Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture
  • Service and Store Gardening Equipment
  • Winterize Outdoor Pools and Water Features
  • Touch Up Paint on Trim, Railings and Decks
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts
  • Wash Exterior and indoor Windows
  • Remove Window Screens and Install Storm Windows
  • Check Caulk around Windows and Doors
  • Inspect External Doors and Garage Doors
  • Sweep/Inspect Chimneys and Fireplaces
  • Complete an Outdoor Home Inspection

Completing this list along with your other seasonal cleaning duties will make sure are safe and protected from the cold weather.

Clean and Store Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture left out in the weather can be severely damaged during the winter months. They can break, lose colour or even damage your home and patio. Patio furniture should have all cloth coverings removed and safely secured. Store smaller outdoor furniture in a storage shed or garage, if possible, for the safest option in protecting them.

Service and Store Gardening Equipment

Gardening Equipment is just vulnerable to the cold outdoor environment. Hand tools can rust or deteriorate from prolonged exposure to snow and ice. Power tools can get engine damage or damage to their blades. Make sure all equipment is stored indoors and cleaned/serviced for their hibernation and ready to use in the spring.

Winterize Outdoor Pools and Water Features

Outdoor pools and water features need to be winterized to protect them from potential damage. All outdoor features should be drained off all water and electricity unplugged. Pools can be quite a task to maintain and winterizing is does not change this fact. All pools need to be covered after being properly treated and their equipment drained of water.

Touch Up Paint on Trim, Railings and Decks

Surface damage can occur throughout the year as we use our patios and decks. Chips in paint or damage to the wood can expose the foundation of your outdoor space to potential weathering and structural damage. While getting preparing your patio for winter, take a moment to locate and repair any damage to the paint protecting it. Use a wire scrub brush to even out the damaged areas before reapplying paint or stain.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Gutter cleaning is especially important in the fall. As leaves begin to fall, our gutters make great resting places for them to hide. Clogged gutters and downspouts can hinder your gutters from being able to disperse rain away from your home. Pooling water can lead to foundation damage which are very costly repairs anyone wants to avoid. Taking the time to remove debris and leaves from gutters will save you from expensive repairs and pooling water around your home.

Remove Window Screens and Install Storm Windows

Ice is not a friend to window screens. Ice can build up easily on a screen surface and cause irreparable damage. Replacing screens with your storm windows is the safest option to protect them. Your storm windows can serve two main purposes. They protect your home during winter storms as well as help to insulate. Installing your storm windows not only protects your home but lowers utility bills.

Check Caulk around Windows and Doors

A simple task that can save you serious money is checking the caulk around your windows and doors. Gaps or cracks in caulking can weaken your home’s insulation leading to more strain on your heating, Check all window treatments and door frames and replace damaged caulk as needed.

Inspect External Doors and Garage Doors

Inspecting your external doors and garage doors will save you loads on utility bills. While inspecting be sure to check the treatments as well as the weather stripping to make sure everything is properly aligned and undamaged. Replace/repair any damage you come across.

Sweep/Inspect Chimneys and Fireplaces

Cleaning your chimneys and fireplaces should not be overlooked. Debris and buildup within your chimney is a very common cause of house fires. To protect your home, make sure you clean out your chimney yearly to protect your family.

Complete an Outdoor Home Inspection

At the end of your checklist, you should take the time to perform a final home inspection. Going back to look for any small details you might have overlooked will give you peace of mind knowing you have fully prepared your home for the winter. It is finally time to kick back and turn your attention to holiday preparations and trying to stay warm.

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