It is that wonderful time of year when we say goodbye to the scorching heat of summer and the leaves that adorned our tree. Fall has arrived. Personally, my favourite time of year. Whether you enjoy the natural beauty of scenic trees coloured yellow, orange and red or the anticipation of upcoming holidays, fall has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Cleaning Ladies love all things you can celebrate in Fall. The gorgeous sights, the sounds and especially the smells, hearty cinnamon sticks, fresh apple cider and warm pumpkin pie, are all things that make Fall the wonderful time of year. We want to share our 7 ways to bring these fragrances indoors to make your home smell like fall. 

  • Break Out Those Autumn Scented Candles
  • Change Out Your Wax Melter with Fall Scents
  • Make Your Own Simmer Pot
  • Diffuse Your Favourite Fall Essential Oils
  • Apply Essential Oils to Your Furnace Filter
  • Baking Your Favourite Fall Delight
  • Include Fall Scented Cleaning Products

There are a variety of ways you can bring the smell of fall to your home. Each of these is a safe and easy option for your home to be festive and comfortable. 

Break Out Those Autumn Scented Candles

Fall-scented candles are an easy way to kickstart your home into the seasonal spirit. Whether you enjoy a classic pumpkin spice candle or even a caramel popcorn-scented candle, you can be sure you will be able to find the scent you are looking for. Candles are the most common way to change the smell of your home. Candles exist in basically any seasonal scent imaginable. 

Candle scents are not the only way they make your home celebrate the essence of fall. The faint glowing ambiance they provide can give as much comfort as the smells they disperse. There is nothing more fall than crawling under your favourite blanket with a warm beverage while in the presence of a candle flame flickering in the dark. 

Change Out Your Wax Melter with Fall Scents

Like their traditional candle counterparts, wax melters are an easy and effective way to make your home smell like fall. Each of these options has its benefits. For those of us with children or pets, open-flame candles may not be the best choice. Wax melters are a safer way to get those autumn scents throughout our home without worrying about burning them down. 

Wax melters also are easier to change autumnal scents out regularly. You can purchase packages of wax cubes in the same variety of scents as candles. These cubes can be changed daily allowing you more freedom in changing the scent of your home more frequently than having to completely go through a candle without stockpiling. 

Make Your Own Simmer Pot

Making a simmer pot is easy as making a pot of tea. It is exactly as it sounds. You warm a pot of water on the stove filled with water and your favourite scented ingredients.

  • Orange Slices
  • Apple Juice
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Pine Needles
  • Lemon Slices

You are only limited by your imagination and preference for scents. Try to create your own combinations or look for suggestions online. You can take whichever route you prefer. For safety, it is recommended to set a timer and not leave them unattended for long periods to prevent all the water from evaporating and creating an issue.

Diffuse Your Favourite Fall Essential Oils

Essential oils are another safe heat free option for diffusing seasonal scents into your home. Unlike candles and wax melters, no heat source is required for the scent to disperse. Essential oils are a timeless way to spread the smell of autumn in your home. Simply, choose your favourite scented oils and leave them open for everyone in your home to enjoy. You can choose to keep it simple and stick to one scent or try creating your own blend to make your home smell exactly as your wish. 

Apply Essential Oils to Your Furnace Filter

An easy way to help spread the smell of essential oils throughout your entire home is to apply small amounts of essential oils to your home’s furnace filter. By adding scents to your filter, you are allowing your home’s air system to spread the scent more thoroughly than leaving a container open. Just be sure not to apply too much to where the filter can be compromised. 

Baking Your Favourite Fall Delight

We all have our favourite fall treat, fresh pies or casseroles. Why not make your home smell like your favourite seasonal treat? Baking at home lends these delectable smells throughout your home. Friends and guests will grow with excitement at the mouthwatering smell of a home scented by freshly baked delights. Weather permitting, you can even open a window to make the neighbours jealous. 

Include Fall Scented Cleaning Products

Cleaning products are not exempt from fall scents. A wide variety of seasonal cleaning products are available for you to use to make your home smell like fall. Simply swapping out your regular cleaning products for these scented options will make your home smell clean and festive throughout the entire season. 

The Cleaning Ladies hope these tips help you and your family enjoy this wonderful time of year even more than in the past.

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