We all know about spring cleaning, but have you completed your indoor fall cleaning checklist? Changing seasons is a perfect time to take care of those semi-annual cleaning tasks we can sometimes overlook. As the cold winter season approaches, we have to prepare our homes for the temperatures to come and changes in seasonal decorations. The Cleaning Ladies has prepared this downloadable checklist for you to use when checking off your indoor fall cleaning duties. 

The Cleaning Ladies indoor fall cleaning checklist was compiled with tasks you would not normally think about in your weekly cleaning. Tasks to consider adding to your cleaning routine are:

  • Replace Air Filters
  • Cleaning Bedding and Rotate Mattress
  • Clean Dryer Vent/Hose
  • Clean Fireplace, Chimney and Electric Heater
  • Clean Out Fridge/Freezer, Pantry and Medicine Cabinet
  • Sweep/Mop Behind and Under Appliances
  • Test Smoke Detectors
  • Wash and Sanitize Trash Cans
  • Wash Walls and Baseboards
  • Shampoo Carpets and Furniture
  • Reverse Ceiling Fans

Seasonal cleaning tasks are the perfect opportunity to make sure your home is safe and prepared for the autumn season. 

Replace Air Filters  

Replacing air filters is a commonly overlooked task in home maintenance. Home air/furnace filters should be changed every three months. By adding replacing air filters on your indoor fall cleaning checklist, you can guarantee your home better indoor air quality. 

Cleaning Bedding and Rotate Mattress 

Clean bedding is a common task while performing your weekly cleaning, but there are several bedding pieces that are not regularly cleaned. Taking the extra time during your fall cleaning to wash your pillows, swap out your bedding for cooler temperatures and rotate your mattress are all important maintenance tasks to take care of your bed. 

Washing your pillows and swapping your bedding for the coming cold weather is great to add to your indoor fall cleaning checklist. Pillows, unlike pillowcases, are not normally cleaned. Pillows collect a variety of things we do not really think about like dead skin, bacteria and dust mites. Thoroughly cleaning your pillows while checking your list is important for your health. Swapping your bedding during this time from thinner summer bedding to thick winter bedding helps you save money and be more comfortable. 

Rotating your mattress regularly helps to extend its life and reduce wear. Rotating your mattress should be done at least twice a year. This is why we suggest adding it to your indoor fall cleaning checklist. 

Clean Dryer Vent/Hose

Cleaning your dryer vent can save your home from catastrophe. Home fires commonly start from lint build-up in dryer hoses. Adding cleaning your dryer vent/hose to your indoor fall cleaning checklist could help protect you and your family from an awful tragedy. 

Clean Fireplace, Chimney and Electric Heater

Winter months are fastly approaching and now is the perfect time to prepare. Adding cleaning your heating units to your indoor fall cleaning checklist makes sure your heating units are ready to warm your home when needed. Make sure to remove any debris or dust as well as check the electric cord for no scratches or damage. 

Clean Out Fridge/Freezer, Pantry and Medicine Cabinet

Cleaning out your fridge, pantry and medicine cabinet is more of a convenience than a necessity. Regularly cleaning out these areas helps to protect you and your family from expired foods and medicines. Taking the time during your seasonal cleaning prevents items from taking up space.

Sweep/Mop Behind and Under Appliances

Deep cleaning is perfect to be handled while checking off your indoor fall cleaning checklist. Extra effort while cleaning appliances helps to prevent building up dust or other allergens hiding in hard to get to places. By making sure to clean areas not normally reached, you can improve your home’s air quality This applies to countertops and larger appliances throughout your home. 

Test Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are your family’s first line of defence when it comes to house fires. Thousands of people are saved yearly by these unsung heroes. Taking a few minutes to test and replace batteries could potentially save your family. Carbon monoxide detectors should also be considered in this step if you have them in your home. 

Wash and Sanitize Trash Cans

Regular season cleaning of your trash cans is the last task for your indoor fall cleaning checklist. Trash cans can be soiled by all the waste they collect over the months. Whether it be messes from cooking waste or other household accidents, some of the debris from our trash can collect in your trash can. Regular cleaning prevents bacteria growth or unpleasant odours. 

Wash Walls and Baseboards

Washing your walls and baseboards is not a common cleaning practice, but one that is still important to do periodically. Walls can collect dust and grime over time and adding this task to your indoor fall cleaning checklist is definitely worth the effort. 

Shampoo Carpets and Furniture

Shampooing your carpets and furniture has many benefits for your household from protecting them from discolouration to reducing the number of allergens in your home. We regularly recommend vacuuming all carpets in your regular cleaning, but sometimes that cannot completely remove all debris. Shampooing gets out those deep and harder-to-clean stains that might not even be seen on the surface.

Reverse Ceiling Fans

An often overlooked seasonal cleaning task is to reverse your ceiling fans. Reversing your ceiling fans based on the climate can lower utility bills and better circulate the air in your home. For colder months, it is best for your fan to be pulling air upwards, or rotating clockwise.

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