Hiring an office cleaning or house cleaning company can be a daunting task. Do they take care of any breakages during cleaning? How about work-related injuries? What cleaning methods do they use? Are there previous customers completely satisfied?

There are a lot of questions that will go through your mind. All of which are very important. Cleaning your home or workplace affects your visitors, customers, and employees. So, your choice of office or home cleaning company must provide a complete satisfaction guarantee.

As one of the leading professional cleaning companies in the Durham Region, we understand your expectations, fears, and worries. However, you can not do without a house cleaning service. Thus, we let you know some critical things to consider before hiring any commercial or house cleaning services.

This article covers some of the most frequently asked questions when choosing cleaning companies. So, let’s dive in.

How long have you been in the cleaning services business?

Experience is critical in any new hire, not only cleaning service alone. Select a cleaning company that has several years of experience. Those with more extended experience tend to have better procedures and processes. That means less hassle, fewer headaches, and peace of mind. Anything that robs you of peace of mind is way too expensive.

It will be preferable to engage with a company that has handled clients in your line of business. For instance, an experienced residential cleaning services company will be ideal for a residential property owner.

Additionally, the company should provide references. Contact the past clients to gauge if the company offers high-quality service and does an outstanding job. Alternatively, you can read customer reviews online to check their ratings. Hence, look for experience and quality of service.

Is your cleaning crew fully insured?

Ensure your cleaning company is licensed and insured per your state or local government laws. A company in commercial cleaning should have its cleaning team insured. It is essential to have an insured company; otherwise, it makes you not liable for any accidents on your premises. You may opt for a company with uninsured team members for the relatively cheap costs. But, it can be more expensive in case of accidents.

What are the charges?

Low charges are seductive and attractive. But, low prices or bids will not necessarily get the best and quality bargain. But remember uninsured company exposes you to liabilities like accidents within your office or home. Sometimes the company may not have well-trained cleaning professionals. Also, it may not be insured, giving it room to charge less.

Additionally, the company may offer unsatisfactory service with limited or no special cleaning supplies for your unique needs. For instance, you may find the company does not provide deep cleaning or disinfection services. These additional services like carpet cleaning or deep cleaning may be expensively charged. Moreover, the low charges may be the bait to gain access and get you to commit to extra services.

Your office or home is unique and should be priced differently. Thus, do a background check before signing a contract or hiring a cleaning. Also, do not fall for low-price bids. Ideally, the charges should be based on square footage (per square feet).

Does the cleaning company conduct criminal background checks?

Besides checking out the company’s past customers and experience, unfortunately, not every cleaning company makes background checks on their house cleaners. Your home is a private, safe, and sacred space. Also, your private office is a personal, commercial space that should be left to cleaners with a questionable background. Hence, always insists on criminal background checks. Only grant access to companies that present them to ensure reliability.

What type of services and cleaning products are used?

Always let your prospective cleaning company to understands your expectation of the service. For example, do you prefer green cleaning products? Some prefer using their cleaning equipment while others don’t. Do you need recurring services? You should know the frequency of your cleaning needs to schedule the cleaning day appropriately.

Your scheduled appointment depends on your flexibility and business needs. For instance, you may select a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Notably, you can choose a deep clean using green products at the end of each business day. Or you may prefer deep cleanings for your restaurant (including kitchen counter) after business hours or shifts.

Make sure you communicate your service checklist to your prospective cleaning company. If it can’t meet your cleaning checklist, including re-clean where possible, then ask for a cancellation policy. You should always feel free to walk away quickly from a contract unfavorable to your needs. Instead, move on to the next cleaning company that can provide great service and results.

Does the company have a smooth way of solving issues and communicating?

The ideal company should be able to offer responsive communication and reliable service. For instance, if there are issues, the company should talk directly to their cleaners and solve them immediately. In addition, the company’s ability to give instructions in real-time to its cleaners will ensure reliable service provision with fewer interruptions. On the contrary, a company that is slow to act to requests may not adhere to your cleaning preferences and changing needs.

Why Choose Our House Cleaning Service?

You can save yourself headaches and problems in the long run if you ask the right questions before hiring a commercial cleaning company. The above questions help you get the best-experienced service provider for your needs.

At The Cleaning Lady, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality commercial and residential cleaning services in Durham Region, Bowmanville, and the surrounding areas. We are a fully insured company with over six years of experience and extremely qualified cleaning professionals. Our team is keen on detail and flexible to accommodate your unique needs.

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