Time to bust out the holiday decorations. Let’s deck the halls and make your holiday spirit show. Christmas trees, strands of lights and of course garland and wreaths. The Cleaning Ladies have shared ways to make your home holiday-ready, but we wish to share some more creative ideas to freshen up your holiday wreaths. 

Wreaths are a timeless decoration adorned by front doors and walls throughout the holiday season. They can add a pop of color and share your holiday cheer. Sometimes though, our beautiful wreaths need a bit of an update. Whether it be fading colours or out-of-date trends, we want to share some ideas you can use to bring your classic wreaths back to the present. 

Types of Wreath Frames

Before we cover ways to update your rustic wreaths or create your own DIY wreath, let’s talk about the 3 most common types of materials used to form a seasonal wreath foundation. The 3 most common materials used are:

  • Wire Frame
  • Foam Frame
  • Grape Vine/ Natural Wreaths

Each of these materials comes with its own unique characteristics and aesthetics you should consider when making alterations. 

A wire wreath is formed by wrapping and moulding floral wire into the desired wreath shape. These wreaths are designed for holding lightweight materials. Their ability to take any desired shape is one of their biggest draws. These frames can be used to create a traditional ornament-filled wreath, ribbon wreath or non-traditional wreath up to your creativity. 

Foam wreath forms are another common base used to make holiday wreaths. Like wireframes, they can be cut into any desired shape. They differ in the fact foam frames can hold more weight, but can be unsightly if not completely covered. Traditional evergreen wreaths are the best option for these bases as the foliage can easily cover the foam. 

There is a variety of natural materials you can use to create a wreath. You could create a basic grapevine wreath or create your own base with hot glue and pine cones. Natural wreaths are inexpensive and can be made using foraged materials to create an inexpensive and festive decoration. 

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Holiday Wreaths

Now that we know the basic frames used we can go over our 5 creative ways to update your holiday wreaths. Choosing the direction you want to go can be based on the base of your wreath, but besides that, you are only limited by your creativity. Our top 5 ways to update your Christmas wreaths are:

  • Changing out the Ornaments
  • Placing Candy Canes
  • Adding Fresh Flowers
  • Adding in Fragrances
  • Frosting

Changing Out Ornaments

Traditional ornament-filled wreaths are often the first to come to mind when you ask someone to imagine a holiday wreath. Taking the time to change out these ornaments and bring them up to date is an easy way to completely changed the look of your beautiful wreath. You can add in some mini ornaments to fill empty spaces. Choosing a theme for the ornaments you use can also be a great idea when updating or creating your own gorgeous holiday wreath. For example, using only silver ornaments can create a modern and sleek theme for your wreath.

Placing Candy Canes

Candy decorations are another great way to add a fun and festive feel to your wreaths. They can add a level of interactivity and fragrance to your wreaths. You can leave them in the wrapper for guests to have a holiday treat or take them out to add the smell of peppermint to the air. Either way, candy canes are a cheap and effective way to update your wreaths. 

Adding Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are an amazing way to decorate wreaths. They are not the most long-lasting option but are the most natural option. Fresh flowers should be added on the day of holiday parties since they won’t hold up for extended periods, but are among the most beautiful while they last.

There are a lot of holiday flower options. The most traditional are poinsettias. These red coloured flowers embody the holiday spirit and have been the traditional flower used for many holiday celebrations. 

Adding in Fragrances

Adding fragrances to your wreaths can create a new dimension of decor. Wreaths are always visually appealing, but adding your favourite holiday scents can create a festive and warm atmosphere in the area around them. You can place some essential oils or naturally strong scented items in the wreath to change their dynamic. 

Frosting Your Wreath

Frosting adds a different shade to your wreaths. It can add a more snow-covered look that is appealing. You can purchase paint designed for frosting at most home improvement or craft stores. This is a permanent option so be sure to carefully apply the paint and use restraint. You can also frost decorations you want to add instead of applying them directly to your wreath. Frosted pine cones are a cheap and disposable way to add the frosted look for a short period. 

We hope these ideas can help you have a safe and happy holiday season. For any cleaning needs, feel free to contact us to see how we can best serve you.

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