Get Rid of Sand with Ease!

A beach trip, playground time with children and hiking a wild trail is an amazing list of summer activities we all love to enjoy, but they also bring unique cleaning challenges. Sand can be a mess to get rid of once you bring it into your home or vehicle. The Cleaning Ladies hope your summer is filled with unique experiences and relaxation. We wanted to share knowledge on ways to properly clean and remove that granular mixture of rock and minerals we love to lounge and play in.

Sand can be a difficult cleaning project because of its small size. Sand will attach itself to clothing, get in your hair and sneak its way into your baggage and totes. Sometimes you feel like it is impossible to get rid of. Sand will sneak its way into the tiniest of corners and cracks. Sometimes you might not even immediately notice it on your clothes because of its naturally small size. We have several tips and guides on how to prevent sand from becoming a headache and clean the areas you missed after the sand has invaded.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care

Like everything else, taking steps to nip problems in the bud is the best option. There are several steps you can follow to keep sand from becoming a much larger issue.

  • Brushing Off Your Person from Head to Toe
  • Wiping Off any Items or Toys
  • Wash All Your Gear Before Placing it in Your Vehicle

Making sure you put the work in early saves you a lot of time which you can use to enjoy your summertime bliss.

Brushing Off From Head to Toe

After spending time in contact with any amounts of sand, brush yourself off before returning home. Physically wiping your hair, person and clothing can work to remove any grains of sand that may be hiding in your hair or on your clothing. You can use a towel or simply your hand. Any attempt to remove sand will save you from a headache later on. Dry sand is much easier to remove than wet natural sand so be sure to do a dry brush-off before washing with cool water or applying any cleaning products.

Wiping Off any Items or Toys

After brushing yourself off, it is important to wipe off any items you may have used on your trip. Like when cleaning your person, it is important to use a dry cloth before moving on to any wet tools. Sand can attach itself to several items besides clothing like a plastic storage container or children’s toys for playing in sandbox sand. You can also place items in an airtight storage container for cleaning later after safe transport home if you are not able to thoroughly clean anything on site.

Wash All Your Gear

Washing your gear in a safe location is important for clothing and other leisurely objects. On a beach trip, look for public facilities such as a shower or water hose. Public facilities are not always readily available. In this case, using a disposable plastic bag or other methods of storage for safe transport is recommended.

Washing a plastic or non-cloth item can be done easily at home. Lay out all the items to clean and rinse them with a water hose and allow them to dry before storage. Clothing is a different story. Unpack your clothing with preventing sand from scattering throughout your laundry room in mind. Run the clothing through a rinse cycle before adding detergent and running a complete cleaning cycle.

Too Little Too Late

Accidents happen. You could be in rush to get to your next event or overlook an item when preparing for your return home. Here are a couple of ideas on how to tackle a variety of sand cleaning projects. We will cover how to:

  • Clean Out Your Car
  • Clean Your Floors
  • Wash Things You Might Overlook

The Cleaning Ladies hope to help you quickly get a happy, healthy space free of sand.

Cleaning Your Car

Protecting your vehicle both inside and out is crucial for families. Sand can get everywhere very quickly and your vehicle has plenty of nooks and crannies for sand to hide. If your vehicle is exposed to a sandy area, you should take your vehicle to a car wash location to get rid of any sand that could find its way into your home by catching a ride with you. Sand could fall off in your garage and be tracked into your home as you exit your vehicles.

The inside of your car is just as vulnerable. Excess sand you might have overlooked when taking preventative measures can fall onto your car’s upholstery or on the floor. To prevent sand from getting into your home, you should vacuum your car thoroughly. Use an old toothbrush to brush sand that might have found its way into small cracks the vacuum cannot reach.

Cleaning Your Floors

Sand can be very sneaky. Once it is in your home, sand can be a struggle to get rid of. You could have an accident while unpacking your beach clothes or bring sand in on your shoes. To properly remove sand from your floors, start by sweeping to remove as much dry sand as possible. Vacuuming will also help for finer grain sand that is unable to be swept up. After you have vacuumed and swept, clean the area with a wet mop while regularly wringing out the water to help remove leftover grains.

Wash Everything

Just like your outing clothes, fabrics in your home can be attractive for sand to cling to. Keep in mind your bedding, bath towels or carpeting. If you noticed sand has covered any fabric in your home. Move the item in a safe manner we spoke about earlier to your laundry room. Wash the fabric on a rinse cycle, then repeat a full cycle with chosen detergent.

The Durham Region is filled with all kinds of family activities from local parks to public beaches

We hope these ideas can help you have a safe and happy summer. For any cleaning needs, feel free to contact us to see how we can best serve you.

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