The popularity of the commercial cleaning industry keeps increasing every day. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with this industry, what they do, and how they operate.

Commercial cleaning services are a lot different from residential cleaning.

A commercial cleaner is well equipped and trained to clean commercial spaces. When you have a public space that accommodates several people daily, the dirt and germs in that space would be a lot more than what a domestic cleaner can handle.

We’ve curated a list of 7 facts that would enlighten you on how important the residential and commercial cleaning service is and why your homes and offices, and other commercial spaces need their service.

These facts about commercial cleaning services will sweep you off your feet.

1. Over 450,000 People Work in the Commercial Cleaning Industry

This is quite reasonable because all commercial businesses need janitorial services. General janitorial services include floor care, trash removal, taking care of restrooms, dusting and disinfecting surfaces, and a lot more. The janitor’s work is to see that the commercial space is habitable and conducive to both the workers and the customers.

There is quite a need for janitorial services and cleaning services in the office environment because of the number of people that work in these places.

We may drive around and go from one place to another, but we forget how many office buildings there are within developed cities and how many people they regularly house.

It would make sense that the office cleaning services are of utmost importance to ensure that people can work as productively as possible.

2. Poor Workplace Sanitation Creates Issues

The lesson everybody picked from the pandemic is that infections are easily transmitted from person to person in workspaces, hence the need to work remotely during a pandemic. A public space can be a deposit and breeding space for different varieties of germ-causing bacteria.

At one time or the owner, public toilet users, for instance, would have to treat toilet infections just because they used the public toilet in their workplace. Therefore, office spaces and bathrooms must be kept clean to protect the workers’ health and boost productivity.

Cleaning and janitorial services are critical in enhancing the workplace and ensuring that workers can be their best. Remember that office cleaning is about carpet cleaning, disinfection services, floor restoration, etc.

Thanks to top-notch cleaning services and environmentally friendly cleaning products, office cleaning companies can deliver green cleaning services to medical offices, buildings, and other areas to optimize cleanliness.

3. Regular Disinfection Is Necessary

A surface is a medium through which germs are passed from person to person. Bacteria can leave on a surface for at least 3 days and multiply. Disinfecting a surface properly helps get germs and diseases, causing bacteria away from the surface.

The right cleaning company will be present regularly to minimize waste, hear client feedback, and offer services to yield a clean environment in the Greater Toronto area.

4. Poor Service Can Create Problems

After winning a commercial cleaning contract, some cleaning companies feel relaxed and render poor services. This is why over 55% of cleaning contracts have been terminated.

Whether you are looking for green solutions or day porter services, remember that you want to work with those that offer the best service.

When you work with fully trained janitorial staff and obtain expertise, you can have a clean work environment and minimal hassles.

5. Going Green Is Better for Cleaning Commercial Properties

Green cleaning is a more sustainable approach to taking care of commercial spaces. People who offer green commercial services substitute the use of chemicals or cleaning methods that negatively impact the environment with a more friendly organic solvent, equipment, or method of cleaning. Several commercial cleaners or cleaning companies are not certified green cleaners.

As a commercial business owner, you can save your office space users the usual eye irritation and allergies they experience after cleaning by adopting a green cleaning method.

6. Your Office Is Much Dirtier Than What You See

You probably don’t know that there are germs everywhere in your office. There is no litter on the floor does not guarantee a germ-free office. Germs are everywhere, and you don’t get to see them without a microscope. All the corners and surfaces on commercial property should be disinfected and sanitized against the invisible germs.

7. Cleaning Is an Exercise

We bet you don’t know that cleaning can burn calories similar to what you burn when walking about 4km. Well, it depends on what you are cleaning and your weight. Overall, cleaning is great if you’re hoping to keep fit independently.

These facts are authentic and serve as an eye-opener to the readers to seek the service of a commercial cleaner for a safer workspace during the pandemic.

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