Even after thorough cleaning services, there is always dust in the house. Dusty homes are unsightly and hazardous to asthma and allergy sufferers. If you are one or live with one, you may be considering ways to remove dust from your home. This article will highlight tips to keep dust under control in your home.

Tips to Make Your Home Dust-Free

It is not possible to completely remove dust from your home. But you can take steps to reduce it and keep it under control. Keeping dust out of your home involves taking different actions.

1. Keep Shoes Outside

The primary source of dust in any home is outdoor dust. Every time someone comes inside from the outdoors, their shoes bring this dust with them. Removing your shoes before entering the house reduces the level of dust.

2. Place Doormats at the Entrance

If you can’t get your visitors to take off their shoes, cleaning them before entering is the least they can do.

Placing doormats, especially the ones with bristles, at every entrance will keep dust from being tracked further indoors from outside. For better results, use interior and exterior door mats so that everyone entering inside can wipe their feet twice before entering.

3. Clean Rugs And Doormats Regularly

It’s not ideal to allow your rug and doormat to accumulate dust for too long until they become full of dust. Always shake the door mats outside regularly, or else it will become another source of dust in the house instead of a solution. Ensure a deep clean by vacuuming or washing the doormats every couple of days to eliminate excessive dirt.

4. Use a Microfiber Cloth Instead of Feather Dusters

Feather dusters look cute and are easier to use, but they do a horrible job of holding the dust in. Dust particles fall off the feather easily when picked up. Microfiber cloths do a great job of removing dust from hard surfaces like your shelves and tabletops.

5. Use an Air Purifier

You can get rid of the dust on surfaces through standard cleaning processes of wiping, vacuuming, and dusting the surfaces. But dust particles also float in the air, especially after a thorough home cleaning. These will eventually settle on every surface in the house, and you will have to re-clean them in no time.

Air purifiers filter the air around them. Their built-in fan circulates the air, and then the filter traps dust particles, cleaning the surrounding area. You can install a whole-house air purifier or get a portable one for each room. This will complement your cleaning strategy and reduce how much cleaning you will need to do on surfaces.

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6. Groom Your Pets Outside the House

Dead skin cells and hairs also contribute to dust in a home. Your furry friends are no exception; they produce and shed a lot of hair and dead skin cells. Grooming your pets keeps shedding under control. To keep the loose hairs and dead skin flakes out of your home while cleaning, brush their furs outside the house.

7. Keep Your Home Sealed

Opened windows and doors are another way that dust enters your home. The wind carries spores, pollen, pollutants, and other dust particles through openings into your house. If you do open the windows, use the air filters when they are closed again.

8. Don’t Clutter Items

The more items you have lying around, the more surfaces for the dust to settle on. Remove items that are no longer in use and keep others properly organized. Some maid services can help with that if you are a busy person.

9. Mop The Floor

Regular cleaning with a clean, damp mop is the best cleaning service to remove dust from the floor surface.

10. Go For Hard-surface Flooring

Carpets can gather and hold massive amounts of dust over time. A dust-filled carpet will release particles into the air whenever someone steps on it. This makes cleaning and getting rid of dust difficult. Carpets are hard to clean, even with a vacuum cleaner. Dust can get trapped in places that the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

Consider installing hard flooring if you are planning to redecorate or can afford to change your floor. If you have a non-carpeted floor post-construction, then you are in luck. Hard flooring does not necessitate extensive deep cleaning. They can be easily wiped clean.

11. Vacuum Regularly and Properly

Vacuums are essential equipment for house cleaning services. Properly vacuum the floor from wall to wall in an overlapping motion. The vacuum is not just for the floor; vacuum the wall, furniture, blinds, and drapes. High-traffic areas like the home entrance and living rooms should also be cleaned daily.

Your vacuum is going to trap a lot of dust particles. You can use a HEPA filter to prevent the particles from being released back into the air.

make your home dust-free

12. Install a Humidifier

A less humid home is usually very dry. This increases the charge of the particles in the air. The charges cause surfaces to attract dust; a humidifier dampens the air by introducing moisture into it. Install a humidifier and keep the relative humidity levels in your home at around 50% to keep down the dust.

13. Use a House Cleaning Service

Having a dust-free home is a gradual process that might initially seem overwhelming. You have to make time for regular cleaning, have the right equipment, and have your own cleaning supplies. You can make cleaning your house easier by booking a cleaning appointment with a cleaning company that offers house cleaning services.

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