Covid 19 and Seasonal Flu Protocols

The Cleaning Ladies will be following very strict guidelines regarding Covid 19, seasonal flu season and other infectious diseases to ensure the safety and health of all of our employees and our clients.

• Employees are taking there temperature daily and have been asked not to come to work if a fever is present or they are feeling ill.

• Disposable gloves are to be used for all client homes and will be removed and disposed of.

• Employees are following a strict hand washing and hand sanitizing schedule.

• We are asking clients to follow the social distancing regulations and prefer clients to not be present when the team or solo cleaners are working, however, if clients must stay home then we ask them to be on a different floor or room than our employees and keep at least a 6 feet distance from our staff.

• Our employees are provided with masks, however it is very difficult doing physical work and breathe with the masks on and they will be worn upon request from clients.

• All of our equipment is disinfected between every home.

• Indoor shoes are worn in each client home and are disinfected between every home.  Outdoor shoes will be left outside during each clean.

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